Customer Stories

January 2014 Email


Thanks for sending the replacement CD’s.  My wife and I listened to one this morning and had some good laughs.  I loved your dad’s humor and his farm reporting. No farm reports now on local TV and no humor.  Ah, progress.  Too bad.


December 2012 Email

I’ve been in the Ag business for 35 years, and I loved to hear you father’s (or grandfather’s) voice again. I never met him personally, but he seems like an old friend. I purchased two cassette tapes, possibly from him, at the farm show in Wilson in the 1990’s. The tapes have been long lost, and tape players are hard to find, anyway. I have enjoyed kicking back and listening to Ray’s voice and his stories. The places he mentions are so familiar to those of us in the farm business in eastern North Carolina.

Thanks for the memories and laughs.

Todd Williamson

December 2012 Email

I have to say that it is nice to be able to hear his voice again on your web site. I am enjoying them immensely. In fact, I was listening to one in my car on the way to work and laughing so much I did not realize there was an ambulance behind me with its lights and siren going. My boss was very happy to get one as well.


Kimberly A. Schroeder

January 2011 Email

Dear Mr Wilkinson:

I have been away from NC for many years; but during my sojourn in the Triangle in the 1980’s-1990’s I looked forward every morning to your father’s farm report and Cecil and Leonard stories. Indeed, a close seminary friend and I would try to outdo each other in bringing up Cecil and Leonard without ‘jumping right into it’ and tell the joke we’d heard that morning. At one point I had a cassette of these gems purchased at RDI airport.

When I recently decided to check whether any of your father’s TV appearances might be on the Net, a Google search brought me the sad news of your father’s passing. However, finding the web page and ordering the discs will ensure that I, like so many thousands of others, will continue to remember your father.

I pray peace for you and your family, and for all of your father’s family and relations. He was a good man and I am confident his family carries on that tradition of goodness.

Your servant in Christ,

Fr Titus Fulcher

April 2011 Email

Ray—I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying listening to your grandfather’s stories. Thanks for what you are doing for those of us that remember your grandfather through the years. I feel we all need some wholesome uplifting entertainment with the trying times we are living today.

Danny Hayes from Johnston County

July 2011 Email

Thank you, sir. I remember your father well on channel 5 and always loved his Cecil and Leonard stories. My husband ordered the CD set several years ago and we have laughed many times over those good old stories! I am ordering these sets for two of my uncles who are both in their 80′s and who are celebrating birthdays. I know they will get lots of pleasure listening to them (no matter how loud they have to turn up the volume). Thank you for making them available to the public.

Cindy Price
Wilson County

December 2011 Email

I’m 61 and grew up on a farm in Craven County. It seemed like your Dad was almost a part of our family. At the very least, he was considered a trusted advisor on the trends of the ag markets. The Tobacco Radio Network was a routine part of our daily radio regimen and your father’s TV reports during the noon news were standard fare when we would come in from the fields for lunch. As for Cecil and Leonard, it seemed almost like they were the first cousins of our good ol’ backwoods neighbors.

I eventually became president of a tech company and had the great fortune about 20 years ago of meeting your Dad on a hotel elevator while I was attending a computer convention in Myrtle Beach. I said, ‘Say, aren’t you Ray Wilkinson?” He nodded yes and stuck out his hand in friendship. We chatted while the elevator ascended and I felt like I was in the presence of royalty. To an old farm boy like me, that was an indelible experience.

I look forward to receiving the CDs.

Best regards,
Danny Whitford